My love for dogs was born upon me as my mum and dad had 2 Afghan Hounds -and over my childhood years I don’t remember not having a dog as part of the family. Mostly in the form of the Great Dane and at one point we had 4 of these amazing dogs living as part of our family. Needless to say most of my time in the living room with the family was spent on the floor, as its quite hard to remove 4 great Danes from your sofa's lol.

However even though throughout my childhood we always had large dogs i have always loved the terrier breeds.

So with the options aplenty within terriers i set out to find myself the perfect dog for me. I looked at all the terriers you would regularly find Jacks , Lakies , Norfolks , Norwich, Kerry Blues, and Bedlingtons. Although i like all these breeds and have a interest or even passion with regards to them i did not feel 100% certain.
I continued to search around and one day i stumbled across the Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier, my first opinions on seeing this breed was; what on earth is this scruffy shaggy looking dog -and at 1st i thought it was some kind of mix breed mongrel, but yet felt myself drawn to them.
After doing further research on this new breed i had just found, and learning more of there history, i decided that i wanted to find a breeder and go see this dog in person. After a lot of searching I found a breeder and arranged to go meet them and there dogs.


We first chatted and then came the moment she took me to see a few of her dogs, she undid the run and out popped this shaggy looking dog just like the pictures i had seen. It greeted me with a wagging tail and nice bit of energy. Then came the shock on petting this dog -it was SOLID and built like a brick built shithouse -full of muscle and a head like a brickwall. This was not just a shaggy fluffy dog full of yappyness -this was a REAL dog.
I instantly feel in love; i had found a breed of dog that gave me the best of both worlds in one: a terrier and the big dogs i had been brought up with. After a few hours of chatting with the breeder and meeting more of these lovely dogs i had decided my search was over.

I had found the exact dog i was looking for, and that was it my love and passion for the Glen had begun....................................

​ Since falling in love with this unbelievable breed and purchasing our first Glens Ruby and Dodger, from here it all started. Me and my wife were smitten with the breed and began showing and digging deeper into this very rare and unique dog....

Welcome to  Stiùbhard Glens!!!

Now we are hobby breeders and are proud to be able to show our dogs off to you. Showing and raising 'Glens' is a passion for us. They are not just our show dogs, they are a part of our family.

We hope you enjoy surfing our site as much as we enjoyed creating it for you.

Please contact us if you are interested in owning a Irish Glen of Imaal.  We sometimes have show or pet puppies available.  Feel free to contact us even if you just have a question.

We are a small kennel located in Ireland.

Our goal at Stiùbhard Glens is to hold onto the breed standard whilst maintaining healthy dogs that are still fit for function. The main priority is temperament, soundness and good health.

We love our dogs and enjoy spoiling them, they are our family, we don't have Kennels they live with us, in our home and on our sofa's.



   Scott  Richards