Stiubhard's win World Winners Junior Bitch and Junior Dog 2014 :D

We were pleased to be able to participate in the World Winner show 2014 in Helsinki. It was a great day with magnificent glens.

We had a chance to exchange a lot of information and knowledge with many breeders and make new plans for the future of the breed :)

We were very pleased that Stiubhard Artful Dodger at Gleann won his class, Junior dog, then to be followed by another Junior World Winner (bitch); Stiubhard Cutie Pie at Gleann!!!

The Stiubhards were represented by Stiubhard Cutie Pie, Stiubhard Artful Dodger at Gleann and

Stiubhard First Lady at Glenrosedale. The three together placed Stiubhard Kennels as #2 in breeder class.


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