Stiubhard Hit The Road Jack wins Best In Show

Today we spent the day with lots of fellow glens and glen families in County Kildare.

The Annual Glen Show was held today by the Irish Glen of Imaal Sporting Club of Ireland with 28 entries to our show!!

The show was judged by the very experienced and knowledgable Kathy George from Kennel Romainville. Another BIG thank you for comming all the way to Ireland to see our glens Kathy! :)

Stiubhard Hit The Road Jack (Ruairi) won Best In Show, Best Male, Best Male Puppy aswell as Dog of the Day (which is a competition on speed!!)

Well done Ruairi!! Were very proud of the our wee lad!!

We had lots of dogs there from our clan: Stiubhard Rock N'Rolla & Stiubhard Rhapsody (Both placed as baby puppies)

Stiubhard Hit The Road Jack (BOB, Best Male, Best Male Puppy, Dog of the Day)

Stiubhard Bellatrix L'Estrange (BOS, Best Female, Best Intermediate Female)

Stiubhard Gypsy Eyes (Best Female Puppy)

Stiubhard Ezy Rider

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